6/11(sat) at Bodega,Kofu
Shames & Neutral Presents - Magnet Night Vol.6
open/start TBA adv 3000yen door 3600yen
w/Neutral,Shames,X-State Ride(Italy),TNX,Womanizer,Last Resort
Take Back The Beers!,Hopeless Dew,Freegan,Take Your Lights

5/22(Sun) at Kings X,Ikebukuro
Oweak Presents - Sunday Punks Vol.7
open 15:00 start 15:30 adv 2000yen door 2500yen
w/Oweak,Bumba,3set-Bob,Formalin,Falland,Gate Of Mom,

4/30(Sat) at Flat,Nishi-Ogikubo
ember Presents
open 18:00 start 19:00 door 800yen + drink fee


11/1(Sun) at Kingsx Tokyo,Ikebukuro
MxNxM Presents
Rise Up! Vol.60
Engrave,Neutral,Shames and more

10/18(sun) at Shelter,Shimokitazawa
VDX/TNX split album "Let's Go Dutch!"Tour Final
adv/door 2300/2800
op/st 18:00/18:30
VDX,TNX,No Hitter,DJ Moja(Lionhead),MC Chindong(BMX Rider)

9/12(sat) at F.A.D,Yokohama
F.A.D Presents
Ring My Hell,Local Heroes,James & Punkn,Arisa In Wonderland,The Fire Fly

8/29(sat) at Zone-B,Waseda
Aktk da 666 Presents
Back to The 80's/15th Anniversary Show
ticket 3000 yen
U Can't Say No!,The Autocratics,Quickdead,A Page Of Punk,Coquettish,The Steadys,Shot Dead Kids

4/5(sun) at Flat,Nishi-Obikubo
La Noche de los Muertros Vol.4
Everybody's Enemy Presents
Hateful Monday Japan Tour
ticket 1500 yen
Hateful Monday(Swiss),Everybody's Enemy,Dropcaps,Age Of Kid

2/28(sat) at Club Roots,Koenji
ticket 2000/2500(+DRINK)
open15:30 start 16:00
FOOD INTAKE,Nothing to write / DJ:4,EDOMAE,MASA,eri


11/8(sat) at Studio Dom,Koenji
Thee Yummys Presents - SOLD OUT͖l̖Vol.2
ticket 1000 yen
Thee Yummys,The Nowhere's and more

9/21(sun) at Manhole,Ikebukuro
Rise Up!! Vol.54
open/start/ticket TBA
Engrave,Neutral,emit,chicken naggers,Better Off Today,Shames,Last Resort

8/2(sat) at Ongakukan/shibuya-ekimae
Thirsty Moon River Show Vol.42
open14:50/ start 15:00 door 1000 yen
Sentimental,40 winos,Freegan,The Nerdy Jugheads,The End Of Suns

6/14(sat) at Kingsx Tokyo,Ikebukuro
KSK Presents "Go Back In Time"
start 19:00/Ticket 2000 yen
Velocity,All Of Me,Bambi

4/19(sat) at Ongakukan Shinjuku,Tokyo
The Scope Vol.1
open 13:00/Ticket 1000 yen
16 Reasons,Hopeless Raven,For Life,Prize Of Rust,Dead Souls


10/26(sat) at Studio Olive,Yokohama
If it doesn't it,it become Vol.5
Easel,Greenwell,Castaway,Pizza Fat Girl,Sunson Gaze

9/7(sat) at Tama Center/Sankaku-Park
Coquettish,Honey Sugar Milk Chocolates,The Redemption
Potshot 1997,U Can't Say No!,Sensations,Velocity
Doggy Hoods,Endzweck,Crystal Lake,Fake Count and more

8/25(sun) at Revole,Akihabara
U Can't Say No! 15th Anniversary Show #2
U Can't Say No!,Rhyme Days Away
and Talk Live Vol.2

6/23(sat) at Manhole,Ikebukuro
Hopeless Dew,Freegan Presents
Hopeless Dew,Freegan,Easel,Neko!,Quickdead,Ratchild

6/1(sat) at Club Roots,Koenji
MxNxM Presents "Rise Up !! Vol.46"
Neutral,Hopeless Dew,Dropcaps,Shames,Rain For Miles,Pizza Fat Girl

1/26(sat) at Manhole,Ikebukuro
Pelotan Presents "Wouldn't Be Nice Vol.1"
Pelotan,big the grape,With A Splash,SUNNY BRANCH
DJ:Saharan & Laundry


9/16(sun) at Shelter,Shimokitazawa
Engrave 15th Anniversary Show
Engrave,DJ Ishikawa

9/15(sat) at Kinoto,Shibuya
The Bennies Japan Tour 2012
The Bennies,U can't Say No!,Coquettish,Meatbuns,Stackers

8/4(sat) at Roots,Koenji
Rise Up Vol.41
Hopeless Dew.Danky,po,Guttafa

6/3(sun) at What's Up,Uguisudani
If it Does it.It Become Vol.3 -Acoustic Day-
open 17:00 start 17:300 adv/door 1500 yen Mar-T(ex-Sorry For A Frog),Kikuchi & Kawahara(Greenwell),
Dynamite Ichikawa(The Weddings) and more

5/19(sat) at Tama Centere Sankaku koen,Tama
open 10:30 start 11:00 adv/door FREE
Coquettish,Honey Sugar Milk Chocolates,As Cities Shine,As We Let Go,
Dallax,Dr Downer,Electric Summer,Endzweck,Secret 7 Line,Square The Circle

4/21(sat) at Ongakukan,Takadanobaba
-Thirsty Moon River Show Vol.41
open 16:50 start 17:00 adv/door 500 yen
Sentimental,Liplid,Treamills,Rhyme Days Away,PO

2/11(sun) at Nine spices,Shinjuku
-Pop You Punk Up Vol.8
open 17:30/start 18:00 adv/door 1500 yen
The End Of Suns,Pelotan,PP & The Pelotan,Muscle Beach Party,Solanax

Past Shows